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"Kona came practically crate and potty trained from the get go. He is very smart, playful, and friendly (with dogs, other animals, children and adults, especially pretty ladies!). He is just so darn handsome, a definite head turner on the streets of SF. We recently went on a mini trip to Tahoe. Kona was a trooper on the 3.5h drive and not a single accident in the carpeted hotel room.  We enjoy observing his physical growth and mental development everyday."


                                                                                                    - Miri & Patrick

"Luna Rue"

"Luna Rue is the sweetest puppy we’ve ever had! She is exceptionally well behaved, wicked smart, and delightfully playful! She loves to show off her tricks, play tug-o-war or fetch with one of her favorite toys. We love that when she runs around the yard, she’ll flop in the grass and then wiggle her bum and pounce back into the game! She knows that manners matter at mealtime and patiently sits for her food. Everyone who meets her adores her! We’re so lucky to be her family!"

                                          -Helen, Mike, Madeline & Nolan

Isla- Sage and Bobby.jpg


"This is our little Merle girl, Isla! We took her home at the end of July and are loving it so far. We love her confident, playful personality and all of the cute and funny noises she makes! Thanks so much!"


                                                                -Heidi and Tai

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