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"Serenity is hands down the best dog I have ever owned! Her beauty is beyond compare and I can take her anywhere because she is so well tempered. She was incredibly easy to train and has well over 20 tricks she can perform. I love my girl!"



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"Haze is the goofiest, friendliest dog. He loves meeting new people & other pups. He's so smart and definitely keeps us on our toes. We (and everyone he meets) love him and his wiggle butt!"



"Best things about Ollie: sweet (loves to sit on laps and give kisses), extremely smart and eager to please (in just 2 1/2 days he can sit, lay down, and shake on command, and he’s learned to sit at the curb and wait for permission before he crosses the street...recall when other dogs are around is the next feat), very handsome little man. "


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"Here is a pic of Tilly, now a beloved part of the Stoner family. She is smart,  eager to train and learn, loves to cuddle, and as expected needs lots of exercise. She loves people, especially children, as well as cats and every dog she meets. We are walking in the neighborhood 3 times a day and put in about 3 miles daily.  She finished her vaccinations several weeks ago and now is the “darling“ of the dog park where she goes at least once a day and runs with the big dogs who tolerate her well and she visits with every person there. Dozens of them know her by name and greet her enthusiastically. She (we) are in our second 5-week session of dog training (zoom) and she is doing well with manners and most basic commands. We have a great life together! Thank you so much for bringing this lovely creature to me."



"Argos is smart, agile, friendly, bites only his family members (but this is getting better), obeys to sit, down, paw, shake and is a good boy with the leash. Sometimes he needs some help to obey to come but we’re working on that. We have him enrolled in Sirius puppy training and this is great help."

                                                                       -Eve and Periklis

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