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"Our puppy Ozymandias (Ozy for short) is very handsome and we love his gorgeous tri color eyes. He is very sweet and already knows some basic commands. He loves to be cuddled and go to backyard to play. We confine him to small area inside and in the  backyard. He sleeps in his crate from 9:30 pm to 6 am with no accident. Everyone is in love with his markings and gorgeous eyes."



"We love Scruffy so much!! He is very busy and active and loves to get into things he is not suppose to  He is very loving to not only us but new people that come over. "




"The transition home with Riley has been really good - she is such a sweet girl and has adjusted well overall to life in Palo Alto. Also we are seeing so much evidence of your good training - she (knock wood) has had hardly any accidents inside, and sleeps 10:30 - 6 a.m. in her crate with very little whining and complaining. 

And did I mention she's crazy cute?"



"Jasper sleeps through the night, from about 10 to when the alarm goes off at 6:15.  Last weekend he slept until 7 one day!!   He has toys and a pen and a crate in the kitchen, and chose to sleep in the crate on his own--I didn't have to "introduce" it to him at all. He's also happy in the small pen I have by my bed."




"Noma is a sweet and lovable puppy. It is obvious to me that she was socialized and exposed to people and everyday life before we ever got her. She does not care when I run the vacuum, she loves other people and dogs, she does not care about highway noise or the sounds of our gardener‘s tools. She is playful and curious.

Noma is super smart and is training quickly. Crate training took 2 nights and it was obvious she had already begun crate training."



I love her entire little personality, Gracey is such a fast learner, generally calm and rarely barks or misbehaves. She was basically crate trained on the first night. She has these cute little bursts of energy throughout the day and then takes long naps in between. I really can't emphasize how well behaved she is. Gets along with our cat and is curious and friendly with people. Gracey is just the sweetest, calm and overall well behaved docile pup. She's been a dream! 


Gracey - Poppins and Bobby.jpg
Buddy- Poppin and Bobby.jpg


"Buddy and his big brother. Buddy is as smart as a whip and is superior in his athleticism and not by a small margin either."


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