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     Mandy's Friends Australian Shepherd Breeding is named after our family pet, Mandy. She was a terrific companion, a loving addition to our family, and the reason we chose this breed. They are wonderful dogs as pets, and as working partners. When we first opened our home to the breeders, Mandy took to each addition in stride, playfully and cheerfully teaching them the "rules of the house". 




    Our home on 6.5 acres in Sonoma, an hour from San Francisco in Northern California, has provided the perfect place for us to fulfill our desires in providing the same awesome Aussie companion for your family. Our dogs are part of our family, and we are committed to providing you with a puppy that is well socialized, professionally cared for and fully guaranteed.






     Maribeth, who breeds the mini aussies,  graduated from Moorpark College with a degree in Exotic Animal Training and Management. She then worked at the Brookfield Zoo near Chicago, training dolphins, sea lions, seals and a walrus, as well as working with the animals in the Brookfield Children's Zoo. 

     In 1984 Maribeth moved to California where she worked at Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael as a trainer/instructor.

In 1998 Maribeth and her husband, Dave, moved their young family to Sonoma where they purchased, and currently own, Maranda Ranch Kennels; a boarding facility for pets. 


     Malia, like her mother, loves animals and has helped her parents care for the numerous animals that have boarded at the kennel since she was young. She is now  managing the kennel.

     Malia's first love was for horses, and since she

was 16 she has been training ex-race horses and running horse camps at a local barn in Sonoma. 

     Malia breeds the bigger dogs in our program and provides you with the Standard-sized Australian Shepherd.



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Thank you, Upper Pawside, for featuring us on your website! 

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