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What is the Guardianship-Home Program?

Our Guardian-Home Program enables us to grow our breeding program while still providing each of our breeding dogs with a loving environment to a guardian family.


By joining our Program, you desire to and will act as a guardian for a dog that is either a potential breeder (raised from puppyhood) or a proven breeder (homing an adult dog).  ​

Benefits of the Guardian-Home Program

  • The dogs in this program are  “pick of the litter” with an estimated value of $15,000 to $20,000.

  • You will receive FREE training instruction, assistance, and sessions from Maribeth who is the Owner/Breeder (value of $5,000 to $10,000).

  • You house and live with a proven breeder as if he/she were your own with NO INITIAL cost.

  • You house, raise, and live with a potential breeder as if he/she were your own at 50% of the cost with a FULL REFUND after he/she becomes a proven breeder.

  • You will receive FREE boarding at The Breeder’s certified Dog Kennel, Maranda Ranch Kennels, during participation in the Guardian-Home Program.  After the completion of the Guardian-Home Program you will receive a 20% discount at Maranda Ranch Kennels.

  • You have first option to own the dog after he/she is retired from breeding with only the spay/neuter fee. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How often is the dog bred and for how long?

The breeding process is different for males and females. 

  • Males are used for breeding for 8-10 years starting at 1 and1/2 years old. They only come back to the ranch for a few days 3 to 4 times a year.

  • Females are used for breeding for 4-6 litters starting at age 2 and retiring at 6 years old. They come back to the ranch a few days for breeding and then again for the birth and whelping of the puppies which is a 6 week process. 

Who pays the vet bills?

  • The Owner/Breeder will pay vet bills associated with the breeding of the dog (scans, testing etc.)

  • The Guardian will pay all other vet bills associated with the health of the dog (vaccinations, health checks, etc.)

What kind of housing is required?

  • Ownership of your house is preferred, but if you rent, we would need written confirmation from your landlord approving a dog in the house. 

  • A secure fenced yard where the dog will be safe and not able to escape

  • A kennel or crate inside the house where the dog can be secured when left alone

Can I come visit the dog when they are at the ranch?

  • Of course! However there needs to be agreed upon dates and times that would be most beneficial to the dog. 

What happens when the dog is retired from breeding?

  • The title of the dog gets transferred to you once proof of spay or neuter are confirmed. Spay or neuter are paid for by the Guardian. 


Goose and Trinity

"We have been guardian owners for Goose since she was 8 weeks old.  She has brought so much joy to our family! Goose is very much a family dog; we love her personality that doesn’t favor anyone. We used to have a Chihuahua that was a one-person dog, and that didn’t always go over very well with the rest of the family.  Goose loves her walks, her toys, and cuddling together on the couch.  She is very bright, and we’ve been able to teach her many fun tricks. She will jump, roll over, shake, and weave between your legs as you are walking, among other tricks. 


When Goose had her first litter, she was at the Ranch for about 7 weeks. We were worried about whether nursing a litter might change her personality or energy level once she came back to us, but were happy to find that she is still the same sweet girl as she used to be. During Goose’s time at the Ranch, we definitely missed her but we visited her often.  We even got to borrow another dog while Goose was gone, which was a great experience! It was so fun to observe Goose with her pups, and see all the love and attention she gave them.


We have appreciated the advice and guidance we have received from Maribeth (AKA dog whisperer) about a variety of topics including training, grooming, and health care education.  We have also enjoyed the ability to kennel Goose at the Ranch when we are out of town, free of charge.


In summary, we cannot imagine life without Goose, and we feel incredibly blessed to be part of the Guardianship program at Mandy’s Friends!"

- The Merwin Family

"A picture speaks a thousand words and in this case — truthful words! Solo has brought joy, fun, adventure, and excitement to our home. He is the most loving and affectionate dog and that love and affection spills over into all of us️️.  He has added an extra layer of family bonding as we each fight over who he loves more. He has also become my husband’s “stress ball” as we call it. Whenever things get tense at work, Solo shows up with his perky personality and Dave simply can’t stay stressed!  He is beautiful to watch catching frisbees in mid air— he can jump so high! Also, everywhere we go people stop to look at him because he is beautiful!! I know we sound like sickeningly proud parents, but the truth is, we are!"

-The Palmgrens


"Danielle and I began fostering Quest in March when he was 9 months old. While he is a delightful addition to our home, he has added a lot of responsibility. He needs to be walked twice a day, the first walk taking place between 8 and 9 am, within 15 minutes of waking up. Quest is the ultimate morning “person." We are responsible for for his food, toys, and flea and tick 


medication. It is very reassuring to know we can ask Maribeth or Malia if we have any questions regarding veterinary or dietary concerns. We spend an average of $250 a month, though we do spoil him on the toys, because we like to watch him destroy them. 


Danielle and I both work approximately 30 hours a week with alternating schedules. On days we have to work the same shift we have family or friends come by to check in on him so he is not in his crate for more than six hours. Fortunately for us, we love Quest more than our clothes or furniture because everything we own is covered in dog hair.


Despite the work, Quest has filled our home with joy and gotten me out of the house during lock down - Win Win"

-Dani and Carlee

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