" Hi, this is Mr.Green/Mr.Flynn. He is an adorable cute little puppy who is very active and high in energy. He loves playing in the backyard. We can’t even keep up with him when he starts to run :). We are amazed at his learning skills and his keen observation. He brings so much positive energy to our home. We are very thankful to have him in our lives."



"Hi there! This is our puppy, Sammy. She was the female blue merle in the pink collar. Not only is she adorable but she is very sweet, smart, and feisty. She also has a very friendly disposition and loves playing with other dogs and puppies. So far she is growing up into one fantastic pup! Our vet loved her so much they featured her picture on their Facebook page!"



"Our favorite thing about Kosta is his big, expressive personality! He is our little cheeky genius. Oh, also, he knows he is so damn cute. When walking with him on the street, he’ll look around at every single person within walking distance, fishing for the inevitable storm of compliments and cuddles that follows from stranger pedestrians. Sometimes, when he’s excited — either when we come home after being out for a bit, or when it’s time for his food or fetch time — he’ll do 180 and sometimes even 360 jumps of joy. That has to be at the top of our list of favorite Kosta moments. We love him!!"