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"We named our red-tri girl "Roux", and she is absolutely perfect. She makes A+ sploots, has the wiggliest of butts, has top notch toe beans, and is the happiest girl you ever did see. She was the most adventurous of her litter and she is the most fearless puppy I have ever raised. She is so smart and well-behaved.


She came home already crate trained and was able to potty train with ease. She barks minimally with the occasionally play-growling and dream-woofing (which I find adorable).


From the time we brought her home we took her everywhere and she took to meeting new people, seeing new places, and hearing new sounds so well. We are very happy and very much in love with our newest little family member!"



My 12 year old son  named  our red-tri boy “Hero” our big boy. Hero was the biggest one out of the litter. He brings so much joy and excitement to our home. He was crate and potty trained before he came home. When Hero gets excited he twist his little body which we love.


What we love most about Hero is that he loves unconditionally. He hugs, gives kisses and loves to give us attention. 

Hero has taught us patience not only with him but in life. We are thankful and grateful for our little Hero.


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"There are so many wonderful things about Maisie!! She is sweet as can be, loves everyone she meets, loves cuddles and play time with Mom and Dad, but also enjoys her independence and quiet time playing by herself.


She was incredibly well-adjusted from the day we brought her home; she was fully crate trained and darn near potty trained. We’ve only had one accident in the house since we’ve had her!


She’s very smart and we’re amazed by how quickly she’s learning commands. She’s just an amazing little pup! Her temperament is so lovely, and it’s everything we’d hoped for our new addition. It is clear she had an amazing start with Maribeth. We are very grateful to have her in our lives and we feel fortunate to have discovered Mandy’s Friends."



"Kash loves chasing balls and tug of war!!! He listens so well accept when it’s time for bed and he won’t come out of the kids room!"





What up world! My hoomans called me "pup dog" before I became the famous Rylie "Rye". I enjoy early mornings and rambunctious evenings with a sprinkle of naps in between. All about dat play time is my main hussle, with spotlighting as a model for IG and my mom's friends. I haven't decided if I like swimming in a pool yet, but walks on the beach and the salty ocean... you can count me all in! I love all people and animals but I'm still working on my manners... sometimes it's hard not to become a kangaroo when I first meet someone. I'm just too excited to play with my new friends. Watch me as I grow #wyldewilyrylie (IG) ... Adventure awaits!"



"Rylie had the best start at Mandy's Friends, she came home potty and crate trained and picking up her training quickly! I love my little girl Rylie! She already has such a big warm loving personality. #gluey"



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