"Fashion Forward" & "Son ofa Outlaw"

                            Six Puppies: 2 girls, 4 boys                                                                  born March 16, 2017

                   click on pictures for larger viewing                 



Blue Merle M   two blue eyes

Red Tri M  two hazel eyes


Red Tri  F  two blue eyes

Black Tri M  two blue eyes

Red Merle F  two blue eyes

Blue Merle M  two blue eyes

The height for Mini Australian Shepherds

is between14 to 18inches

Fashion is 17.5 in. and Glitch 19.5in, both registered Mini Australian Shepherds. Glitch grew a bit taller. 

There is no guarantee of the size of the puppies produced, however,  

this group looks most likely to follow in their parents' footsteps and be closer to the 18-19inch mark.  


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