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"Canelo is a very playful & loving puppy! He loves meeting new people and asking for belly rubs. He’s very energetic and loves playing in the backyard with all his toys. Canelo is very athletic, agile, and smart in his play! He’s looking forward to being able to walk to the park soon!”

                       -Michael Ortiz


"This is Blue and he's a very loving, playful, smart, sweet boy. He loves to meet new people. He enjoys running, playing with all his toy and eating Ha Ha." 

-Kelly Erickson



"Syrah is a total sweetheart. She loves to be part of the action; she is fearless and curious about everything and everyone. When I take her out, she believes everyone is there to see her and will go around and demand to greet everyone. She can not wait to be old enough to visit dog parks and go on more adventures. Being deaf has not held her back at all. She has an endless amount of energy that can be a struggle to burn through, but we have been practicing frisbee and doing a lot of activities such as nose work and obedience training which has helped a lot in focusing that energy into something productive. She is brilliant but she can be stubborn however with patience and the right treats she will do anything. Potty training was a breeze with her, she seems to pick up commands and concepts quickly. We are still working on impulse control and her herding instinct that has already kicked in but with time and channeling her into her productive activities I am sure she will turn out to be the perfect family dog for me."


                                                          - Jessica 


Barley is a smart, goofy and playful, and loving puppy. He is picking up night time crate training, potty training, basic training (like sitting to say please), and fetch very quickly. He is mouthy like any pup and benefits from redirection and he is not a big fan of the car yet but it gets better every day. Everyone who meets him comments on what a great temperament he has (and how handsome he is). He is appropriately cautious of new things but given the time to sniff and explore and given treats becomes confident in new situations quickly. He’s very energetic and playful but is also super affectionate. Even when he is chewing on something he wants to chew it whilst sitting in a lap, any lap! Every morning when I get him out of the crate he rolls around on his back for a while and then comes to sit on my face and lick me. I’m so grateful for each day with him he is the best."

- Lindsey



"Rollo has completed our family and we can barely remember not having him in our lives. We are so in love with him. He loves to snuggle and more than anything he loves to wrestle and play with his brother Dezmond (a one year old Chiweenie). The cat still hasn't accepted him, but they can be very difficult to win over. He is easy to train since he is such a food hound and crate training has been such a breeze. He loves everyone and we cannot wait until he can go on walks and to the beach. He can be a bit mouthy but we are working on that. We feel blessed to have him as part of our family."

- Vasti


"Leo is a curious and charming pup! He loves learning new commands, meeting new friends, and napping upside down. Everyone that meets him is impressed by how smart and curious he is. He has quickly become the most popular resident of our apartment building and everyone knows his name. We have a hard time imagining ourselves without Leo, he’s truly part of the family!"

                                          - Kyle Tobin



"Bucky is one of our kids! He loves to try to keep up with the family and never wants to skip a beat! We love Bucky and are so happy he is part of our pack!"


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